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Your health is our priority. When you need outpatient surgery to help you maintain, improve or restore your health and physical well-being, the board-certified surgeons, anesthesiologists and medical professionals of The Surgery Center are available.

A Guide for Patients

As a service of Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, PC, the surgeons and clinical staff of The Surgery Center are dedicated to providing adults and children with the best care possible. Working as a team, we combine our years of medical training and experience with the most advanced technology currently available for complete and effective outpatient surgery.


Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient surgery is a safe, comfortable option for your procedure. The Surgery Center is equipped with the latest technology and equipment in two operating rooms and one laser procedure room. In addition, our status as a member of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care demonstrates our dedication to meeting the demanding standards of outpatient medical care and service.

Outpatient surgery means you can return home the same day. At home, you can rest and feel better surrounded by the people and things that are familiar and comfortable to you during your recovery. Of course, hospital admission is immediately available if it becomes necessary. You will never be dismissed from The Surgery Center until you are medically ready.


Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing may be ordered by your physician or surgeon to ensure that you are physically prepared for your surgery. These tests should be completed 1-3 days before your scheduled surgery. That enables the test results to be processed and reviewed by the surgeons and staff in The Surgery Center before your procedure.

Please schedule your laboratory testing with your physician's office or a laboratory of your choice in advance of your surgery. If you do not have these tests before you arrive for your surgery, we may need to reschedule your surgery.

Your Scheduled Surgery

Your outpatient surgery has been scheduled to provide ample time for your procedure and recovery. For this reason, most of the surgeries in The Surgery Center are scheduled for the morning hours.

If you become ill within 1-2 days before your scheduled surgery, call your physician or The Surgery Center. We want you to be in the best health at the time of your surgery. An illness may require a change in your surgery schedule.

When arriving for your surgery, please bring these items with you:

  • A list of your current medications
  • Inhalers, insulin or other such medication you may need
  • Your insurance/Medicaid verification card

If for any reason (such as a change in your health or weather conditions) you are unable to arrive for your scheduled surgery, please call The Surgery Center at (260) 426-8117.

Preparing for Your Surgery

To prepare for your surgery, you must:

  • Not eat or drink, not even water, after midnight the night before your surgery unless your physician instructs you to do so
  • Take only your blood pressure medication on the morning of surgery with a small sip of water
  • Avoid taking aspirin or products containing aspirin two weeks before your surgery, unless otherwise directed by your physician
  • Leave your valuables/jewelry at home
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Patients who use breathing treatments at home, whether daily or as needed, should give themselves or their child a breathing treatment at home on the morning of the surgery
  • You must have a responsible adult to transport you home from The Surgery Center and remain with you for at least 24 hours after your surgery

Before your surgery, your family or other loved ones will be able to remain with you in the preoperative area of The Surgery Center. Throughout your surgery, you will have medical care provided by a professional nursing and clinical staff.

After Your Surgery

After your surgery, you will recuperate in the recovery room. Your family members or other loved ones will be able to rejoin you during this recovery period.

Before you leave The Surgery Center, you will be scheduled for a followup appointment with your physician. In addition, our clinical professionals will call you the next day to ask about your recovery and answer any questions you may have.

Children as Patients

Surgery and other medical procedures can be frightening for children of all ages. If your child will be undergoing an outpatient surgery, you can help comfort him or her by planning to remain with the child until the surgical procedure begins.

Bring a favorite toy or blanket, which will stay will your child in the surgery suite. It will also be at the child's side when he or she awakens from surgery. Bring extra bottles and diapers to meet the child's personal needs.

If You Have Questions

If you have questions or concerns at any time before or after your outpatient surgery, you will be able to talk with one of our medical professionals.

These experienced clinicians can expertly answer your questions, coordinate your care with our physician and surgeons, and meet your medical needs in a timely manner.


The Surgery Center fees are comparable and customary for the services provided by our experienced surgeons and clinical professionals. Please remember that our services are rendered and charged to you, not the insurance company. We will gladly file a claim with your insurance company, but you are ultimately responsible for the deductible, co-pay, balance, etc. of your bill.

If you are a member of PHP or another HMO Plan, you must bring your membership card and follow the policies of the plan. Medicaid patients must furnish a current authorization card.

Patients undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures are required to pay the total facility fee on or before the day of surgery. For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, Visa or MasterCard.

You will receive a monthly statement for any unpaid account. Questions about outstanding accounts can be directed to our billing staff at (260) 426-8117, option 6.

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